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LIFEGroup Leader Training

If you missed the training session on February 4th, or you'd like to review what we covered, the content is available below in video and audio.

LIFEGroup Leader Training 2-4-2024

I Am (Jesus in His Own Words)

This Easter season, we’ll unpack the seven “I Am” statements that Jesus makes in the Gospel of John to see how each declaration illustrates a specific revelation of His character, testifies to His divinity, and reveals how Jesus perfectly meets our spiritual needs.

Sunday, February 25th: I Am the Bread of Life

[PDF] or  [WORD] 
Only Jesus truly fulfills our desire for meaning and purpose.

Sunday, March 3rd: I Am the Light of the World

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Believers, as individuals and as a church, are called to be witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 10th: The Good Shepherd 

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Jesus is the only way to salvation, and He loves and cares for His church.

Sunday, March 17th: Abide in Christ 

[PDF] or [WORD] 

A disciple walks with Christ by abiding in Him.

Sunday, March 24th: Jesus is the Only Way 

[PDF] or [WORD] 

If we truly believe Jesus is the only way to God, we will live out a life proclaiming the gospel.

Sunday, March 31st: The Death & Resurrection of Lazarus

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Jesus alone has the power over life and death.

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