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LIFEGroup Leader Training

If you missed the training session on February 4th, or you'd like to review what we covered, the content is available below in video and audio.

LIFEGroup Leader Training 2-4-2024

Sunday, May 26th: Encouragement for Graduates

[PDF] or  [WORD] 

As the church we need to help our graduates remain
steadfast in their faith as they pursue the call of God in their lives.


Marks of a Disciple

Knowing and growing in Christ doesn’t happen on accident, it takes a conscious effort to pursue God. This LIFEGroup study will explore the believer's keys to staying focused on truth and devoted to following Christ.

Sunday, June 2nd: Daily Worship

[PDF] or  [WORD]
A disciple is someone who expresses love for God and celebrates His greatness both individually and corporately.

Sunday, June 9th: Growing Together

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The Holy Spirit works through us when we share and experience the gospel with others through small groups and influential relationships.

Sunday, June 16th: Generous Giving 

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Generosity draws our hearts closer to God and strengthens our faith in Him as our
ultimate joy.

Sunday, June 23rd: Serving Together

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Serving is a part of fulfilling the purpose for which God has designed you. 

Sunday, June 30th: Building Bridges 

[PDF] or [WORD] 

We desire to build bridges of influence and ministry into our neighborhoods, workplaces,
and everyday places for the glory of God

Sunday, July 7th: Gospel Advance

[PDF] or [WORD]

We desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our community, nation, and world.


Lessons from the Life of Joseph

One of the hardest truths in life is the fact that we aren’t always in control. Sometimes we find ourselves at the receiving end of others' bad choices, facing hardship and pain that we didn't invite into our lives. It's during these moments of struggle that we can draw inspiration from the remarkable story of Joseph.


Joseph's story shows us what it looks like to trust in God's overarching plan. Joseph couldn't foresee how his pain would lead to a greater purpose, but he held onto the belief that God was working behind the scenes.

Sunday, July 14th: Introducing Joseph

[PDF] or  [WORD] 

We can look for God’s redeeming work and celebrate His faithfulness in our suffering.

Sunday, July 21st: Overcoming Temptation

[PDF] or  [WORD] 

It’s easier to resist temptation when you know what’s at stake.

Sunday, July 28th: Growing in Holiness 

[PDF] or  [WORD] 

God allowed Joseph to remain in prison for two years, yet God did not abandon Joseph and would use him for His glory.

Sunday, August 4th: The Work of Reconciliation

[PDF] or  [WORD] 

God’s people are to work toward reconciliation with people who are alienated from them.

We'd love to see you at Frisco First!

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