Adult LIFEGroups
(Small Group Bible Study)

Find a community of other believers to celebrate and support you through life’s ups and downs. LIFEGroups meet at 9:30 & 11am, and are organized according to life-stage, like ‘parents of preschoolers’ or ‘empty nesters,’ so you’ll have common ground with the other members from the start.

Young Adults & Singles

College Group
Teacher: Daniel Rentie
9:30am | Paradigm House

Young Adults
Teacher: Abie John
11am |
Paradigm House
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Nearly & Newlywed
Teacher: Derek Johnson
11am | Admin, 306

Women 1
Teacher: Christy Williams
11am | Admin, 304


Young Families

First-time Parents
Teacher: David Adams
11am | Admin, 303

Parents of Preschool
Teacher: Chip Dutchik
9:30am | Adult, 512

Parents of Elementary
Teacher: Anthony Applegate
9:30am | Adult, 508

Parents of Preschool
Teacher: Robert Page
11am | Adult, 509

Parents of Elementary
Teacher: Brian Alford
9:30 am | Adult, 513

Parents of Elementary
Teacher: Jared Hays
9:30am | Adult, 515

Parents of Elementary
Teacher: Ward Altman
11am | Adult, 502

Parents of Elementary
Teacher: Scott Snedaker
11am | Adult, 515

Parents of Teens
& College Students

Parents of Middle School

Teacher: Michael Yocum

9:30am | Adult, 511


Parents of Middle School

Teacher: Jason Davis

11am | Adult, 508


Parents of Middle School

Teacher: Scott Nelson

11am | Adult 512


Parents of Teens  

Teacher: Craig Pickerill

9:30am | Adult, 504


Parents of Teens

Teacher: James Graham

9:30am | Adult, 510


Parents of Teens

Teacher: Jeff Griffiths

11am | Adult, 513


Parents of College

Teacher: Cristopher Taylor

9:30am | Adult, 502


Parents of College

Teacher: Robert Taylor

9:30am | Adult, 506


Parents of College

Teacher: Scott MacDonald

11am | Adult, 505


Parents of College

Teacher: John Wright

11am | Adult, 507

Empty Nesters
& Boomers

Parents w/Empty Nest  
Teacher: Dan Bailey
11am | Admin, 305

Parents w/Empty Nest
Teacher: Bruce Green
11am | Adult, 506

Parents w/Empty Nest
Teacher: Bob Johnson
11am | Adult, 511


Boomers 1
Teacher: Dick Kendrick
11am | Adult, 503

Boomers Too
Teacher: Keith Kriegel
9:30am | Adult, 509

Boomers 3
Teacher: Brooks Thompson
9:30am | Adult, 507


Boomers 4
Teacher: Jim Newman
9:30am | Adult, 505

Boomers 5
Teachers: Ruth West, Jay Calvert
9:30am | Adult, 503

Senior Adults

Men’s United Brethren
Teacher: Kip Bledsoe
8:15am | Adult, 503

Co-ed Cornerstone
Teacher: Thomas Rush
8:15am | Adult, 504

Co-ed Friends in Faith
Teacher: Dale Ellis
8:15am | Adult, 502

Women’s LLL Class
Teacher: Carolyn Hess
8:15am | Adult, 514

WOW (Women)

Teacher: Pamela Byers
11am | Adult, 514