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Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

8:15am Senior Adults • 9:30am All Life-Stages • 11am All Life-Stages

SINCE Frisco First exists to invite people into relationship with Jesus and each other, we invite you to belong to a family of believers. As a family member, we encourage everyone to do the ‘Texas Two-Step’—that is, worship together, and become part of a LIFEGroup. These two habits are essential on your journey of faith, no matter where you are on the trail. In a LIFEGroup, you’ll find a place to belong with other believers, you’ll become more like Jesus, and you’ll have opportunities to benefit others. 

See the listing below and pick one to start, then try as many as you want. Most LIFEGroups meet at 9:30 & 11am, and are organized according to life-stage, like ‘parents of preschoolers’ or ‘empty nesters,’ so you’ll have common ground with the other members from the start.

Want some help picking a group?


LIFEGroups @Home

Starting January 17th
Wednesdays at 6:30pm 


Our new LIFEGroups@Home group will meet on Wednesday nights so that group members can utilize Wednesday night programming for their kids. Whether you're looking for a more casual environment, a new way to balance your Sunday morning schedule or just want to give it a try, we'd love you to join us! Use the form to sign-up and we'll contact you with location information.


The Hamilton Group
11am | Admin, 306

We're going beyond ‘age’ and ‘stage’ to invite people into relationships from different generations, perspectives, and even social needs into a growing group. Our vision is to combine young adults, married, single, and older adults into a cohesive community that loves the Lord and loves to live life with people in different phases of life.


Young Adults & Singles

The McDonald Group College Students 9:30am | Paradigm House The Nuspel Group Young Adult Singles 11am | Paradigm House The Lindig Group Nearly & Newlywed 11am | Paradigm House The Williams Group Women 11am | Admin, 307 The Henry Group Young Families 11am | Admin, 304


Young Families

The Adams Group Parents of Preschoolers 11am | Adult, 509 The Dutchik Group Parents of Preschoolers 9:30am | Adult, 512 The Applegate Group Parents of Elementary 9:30am | Adult, 508 The Page Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 505 The Alford Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 510 The Hays Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 504


Parents of Teens & College

The Yocum Group Parents of Teens & College Students 9:30am | Adult, 511 The Davis Group Parents of Middle School 11am | Adult, 508 The Nelson Group Parents of Teens 11am | Adult 512 The Pickerill Group   Parents of College Students 9:30am | Adult, 504 The Graham Group Parents of Teens 9:30am | Adult, 510 The Hobbs Group Parents of Teens 11am | Adult, 513 The Snedaker Group Parents of Middle Schoolers 11am | Adult, 515 The Harmon Group Parents of College 9:30am | Adult, 506 The MacDonald Group Parents of College 11am | Admin, 303 The Wright Group Parents of College 11am | Adult, 507 The Altman Group Parents of Middle Schoolers 11am | Adult, 502


Empty Nesters & 55+ Adults

The Bailey Group  Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Admin, 305 The Green Group Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Adult, 506 The Johnson Group Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Adult, 511 The C. Taylor Group Parents w/Empty Nest 9:30am | Adult, 502 The Kendrick Group Boomers (1) 11am | Adult, 503 The Kriegel Group Boomers (Too) 9:30am | Adult, 509 The Thompson Group Boomers (3) 9:30am | Adult, 503 The Newman Group Boomers (4) 9:30am | Adult, 505


Senior Adults

The Bledsoe Group (Men) United Brethren 8:15am | Adult, 503 The Rush Group (Co-Ed) Cornerstone 8:15am | Adult, 504 The Ellis Group (Co-Ed) Friends in Faith 8:15am | Adult, 502 The Hess Group (Women) LLL Class 8:15am | Adult, 508 The Byers Group (Women) WOW 11am | Adult, 514

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