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About Sonshine School (Infants–2 Year Olds)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:10am-2:10pm  |  7901 Main Street | Frisco, Texas 75034

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Do not keep them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them.”  Matthew 19:14 

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Cheryl Lochner (left)
Director of Sonshine School

Lindsey Abel (right)
SS Assistant Director

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About Sonshine School (Infants–2 Year Olds)

Sonshine School is the place where young children will first encounter Christian education. By providing a wholesome and loving environment, children will be able to make new discoveries and learn at a pace that is right for them. 

Your child is precious in God’s sight, and in ours. We wish to make his/her first experience away from home feel comfortable for both you and your child. 

Want to learn more? See below for information about our programs for infants or jump to two year olds here. Feel free to send us an e-mail anytime!



Cheryl Lochner 


Infants & Toddlers

Your baby’s first years of life are an amazing time of growth and development. It is a time filled with discovery. What your child learns early in their life will be critical to their success in school, relationships and throughout their life.

Infant & Toddler Care

We understand it can be difficult to leave your infant and toddler in someone else's care and be confident that your child will receive the same care and stimulation you would give him. At Sonshine School, we will take care of your child's daily needs, the same way you do. We will provide a stimulating environment for your child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Our teachers will build a bond of trust with your child and with you. 

We will provide a warm, loving environment where your child will build confidence in themselves and develop positive and trusting relationships. Routines and daily care are the first step in your child’s development-as well as bonding and attachment between your child and their teacher.


Your Child's Schedule

Your child’s feeding, diapering, and sleeping needs are met according to your child's daily routine. While your child is awake, our Sonshine School teachers will stimulate your child through singing, reading stories, talking, playing, and holding your child. Playtime is also learning time.

Activities & Development

Appropriate activities are encouraged for your child's developmental milestones. Our day will include Music & Movement (instruments like miniature maracas, toys that make noise and singing), Language Development (board/vinyl books, picture cards), Gross & Fine Motor Skills (using activity areas, play mats, stacking blocks and reaction toys), Book & Bible Storytelling (stories using puppets/soft animals, quiet play including soft toys, clutch balls, and activity mats), and Creative Arts & Crafts. 

Every child is an individual and will follow his or her own unique path to development. However, infant and toddler teachers create an environment to make sure your child engages in all the activities necessary for her to reach the milestones. If your infant is close to sitting up, the teacher will work on motor activities that stimulate neck and back muscle development. If your child is learning to stand, then our teachers will provide a safe learning environment. Infant and toddler cognitive skills like memory development are taught through simple games like hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo. Auditory skills will be developed through repetition of songs, stories and even through different sounding toys. 

Where your child spends his day is just as important as what he does there. When you drop your child off with your Sonshine School teacher you will notice the warm, caring environment and our dedication to cleanliness and sanitation.  

2 yr olds

Two Year Olds

The long-term goal of Sonshine School is to prepare your child as he begins the journey that will eventually lead him into kindergarten and beyond as a successful lifelong learner. Sonshine School will focus on preparing your child for the next level of curriculum at Frisco First Baptist, which is our Sonshine Academy. 

Throughout Sonshine School and Sonshine Academy, your child will acquire a full breadth of developmental skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten eager and ready to learn. 

What Your Two Year Old’s Day is Like
Your child will probably begin to talk about their day even before they arrive at Sonshine School. While getting dressed or eating breakfast, your child will be focused on going to school in the morning and looking forward to playing and learning with their friends and teachers.

Morning Circle Time
Our two year olds begin their day with a morning devotion and prayer time with their class. Our purpose is to instill in your child the desire to put God first in everything they do, even in their school. After devotion, children will have Circle Time with their classmates. Here, the class joins to discuss a daily topic, along with the letter of the week, color, and shape of the month. 

They will also talk about the weather and the day's exciting activities. Your child will learn many math and language skills during Circle Time, but equally as important she will start to participate in a longer group activity where each child will feel comfortable with her peers and teachers. 

Class Time
After Circle Time, Sonshine School teachers work with the children in small groups to extend their learning experience. Sonshine School incorporates centers to develop your child's skills along with one-on-one and teacher-directed concepts. Math centers often use pattern activities as children are learning to create and develop an understanding of the concept.  

During recess time, the children typically go outside to exercise, burn off some energy and develop their gross motor skills. Children are working on many concepts even in their play. 

Back in the classroom, your child's teacher will introduce literacy and language enrichment activities designed to foster a love for reading. Your child will gather with the rest of the class to read a story, sing a song and/or act out a favorite book. Sonshine School believes in using quality children's literature to help make your child a lifetime reader. 

This is another great part of our day during which your child has fun with a variety of action songs, poems, rhymes, and fingerplays that help to expand vocabulary and listening skills. 

Bible/Music and Movement

Bible/Music & Movement is another integral part of Sonshine School. Every class participates in an age-appropriate Bible/Music & Movement time.  Our Bible teacher introduces Bible stories in a new and exciting way. We want our children to know that they have a friend in Jesus who they can always count on. Following Bible, Music & Movement time is introduced using fun instruments and movement activities which help reinforce the love of Jesus. Just wait until your child shares their Music & Movement songs with you.


Communication & Connection


One of the keys to ensuring the best Sonshine School experience possible for your child and you is open communication. We hope you will speak to us often about what your child is doing at home. For our part, Sonshine School has many ways to keep you updated on what your child does while here and what is happening at Sonshine School. You will receive a monthly newsletter and calendar and daily, a take home note from your child's teacher to keep you informed of your child's day. 

There are plenty of opportunities to connect face-to-face with your child’s teacher and director at pick-up and drop-off time. 

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