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About Sonshine Academy (3 & 4 Year Olds, Transitional Kindergarten)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:10am-2:10pm  |  7901 Main Street | Frisco, Texas 75034


Ann Marie Lindig (right)
Director of Sonshine Academy

Kathy Bean (left)
SA Assistant Director

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(3 & 4 year olds and
Transitional Kindergarten)

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About Sonshine Academy
(3 & 4 year olds and Transitional Kindergarten)

The development of Sonshine Academy provides a seamless progression for those toddlers ready for a 'big kid' day. Your child will grow and be challenged to learn and think in a way that is founded on biblical principles.  Sonshine Academy serves students age 3-5. (All students must be potty-trained to attend Sonshine Academy). Students are placed in classes based on their age as of September 1st. We have 3's classes, 4's classes, and a Transitional Kindergarten for students who are delaying their entry into kindergarten. 

In order to acquaint yourself with our staff and curriculum, we invite you to check out our curriulum below and explore all that Sonshine Academy has to offer, and review our Parent Handbook for more information regarding our school policies. 

Blessings and thanks, 

Ann Marie Lindig 

3s & 4s

Curriculum (Three, Four, and Early 5 Year Olds)

Sonshine Academy offers a well-balanced curriculum, using lesson plans and learning centers that are age-appropriate, and designed to allow children to advance at a pace that is comfortable for them. The daily curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure consistency among the classes. Our lesson plans teach to the top of each age group; this means we can decrease the intensity and expectations for those students that may not be developmentally ready, as well as meet the needs of those students who are academically ready for more challenging work. Therefore, we are best able to meet the needs and skill level of all students to prepare them for kindergarten. 

Sonshine Academy serves students age 3-5. Students are placed in classes based on their age as of September 1st. We have 3's classes, 4's classes, and a Transitional Kindergarten for students who are delaying their entry into kindergarten. 

Devotion Time 
The students begin each day with a devotion time. The goal of the devotion time is to dedicate the day to God asking Him for His help as we learn, play, and work together. 

Academic Focus 
The first block of the day is dedicated to phonics. Each week focuses on a new letter and letter sound. Students are given opportunities to practice the letter through games, songs, chants, and independent handwriting practice. Using Handwriting Without Tears as our foundation, students will learn how to form letters, the sounds associated with the letters, and will begin learning how sounds go together to form words. 

The next block of the day is spent on Literature & Language.  The purpose of this time is to introduce students to great literature and story comprehension skills. A craft or art activity that fosters fine motor development or a journal activity is included during this section of the day. 


The last major block of the day is math. Each week we will focus on a number of the week. Students will practice counting and number formation. Other math concepts necessary for kindergarten such as patterning, comparing, understanding the meaning of numbers, telling time to the hour, measurement and sequencing are also introduced. 

Also included in the Sonshine Academy daily rotation is Recess, Bible, Music and Movement, and some Science activities. 

Students will spend time each day outside on our playground or in the gymnasium. Recess play is well supervised and allows the students free time to socialize and make independent play choices. 

Bible & Music 
By experiencing the love and greatness of God, through hearing and discussing bible truths daily, we hope to develop positive attitudes about God, Jesus, and the children themselves. Through foundational teachings we pray that each child, when developmentally ready, can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our job is to plant the seeds so that children will bear spiritual fruit in God’s timing.  Our bible time includes a bible story and time for music & movement.  Preschoolers are constantly moving, so we certainly can’t leave out Music & Movement! Our bible teacher does a fabulous job of having fun and getting silly with the children through singing, dancing, and praising God. 

Dramatic Play 
Each day students will spend time in one of our dramatic playrooms.  The dramatic play space includes a kitchen, puppet stage, baby center, sensory table and construction area.  The dramatic playrooms will have a different theme each month.  Monthly themes include:  Apple Orchard, Fire Station, Pumpkin Patch, Winter Wonderland, Dinosaur Dig, Space, Post Office, Pet Vet, and Car Repair.  Dramatic Play is important in providing students opportunities in social skill development, problem solving, and a chance to engage their imaginations. 

As you can see, students spend their day rotating from large group activities, independent seat work, and free center play. The staff here at Sonshine Academy want to make the most of the time they have with the students. We believe learning should be fun, interactive, and individualized. We want their time with us to be filled with love, friendship, and creativity as we partner with you to train them up in the way they should go. 

Formal assessments are completed each year in both the beginning and end of each school year. 


Transitional Kindergarten 

Sonshine Academy offers a Transitional Kindergarten class.  Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class is designed to provide a bridge for those who are delaying entry into kindergarten (students should be 5 by Sept. 1st to be enrolled in the TK class). 

Using a combination of preschool and kindergarten curriculum, TK students will be challenged as they grow in their essential literacy, math, and cognitive skills.  The monthly themes include many social studies and science concepts. Students will also have more time to develop the social and self-regulations skills necessary to be successful in school. Our TK curriculum is designed to be an extension beyond our normal 4’s curriculum and is created & taught by teachers with kindergarten experience.  Students will participate in bible, music, chapel, and all the same special events as the rest of the school. 

The TK class will operate on the same days and times as the rest of the school.  The fees are the same as listed on the registration page for all Sonshine students. 

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