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Christmas Offering

Every Christmas we raise a special offering that helps us invite people into relationship with Jesus and each other. This year we’re on a mission to spread His love through service and evangelism both at home and abroad.

A third of the offering will be designated to our
Designated Mission fund, which allows Frisco First teams to spread the gospel locally, plant new churches, and help missionaries with special projects.

With another third of the offering we’ll be collaborating with Send Relief (IMB/ NAMB) to directly impact lives affected by the Israeli-Hamas conflict, and the final third will be given to Lottie Moon, an IMB organization that enables gospel transformation among the unreached.


The Lord has blessed us to thrive in a time of trouble for many around the world. We’re so grateful to be a part of what God is doing through our giving. Want to know more? See the FAQ's below!


Wednesday, December 6th at 5:30pm

Join us before Wednesday Night activities for a delicious dinner!
All proceeds support this year's Christmas Offering!


How is the Christmas Offering different from our normal budget?

Every holiday season, we express our thanks for all the gifts the Lord has given us. The Christmas Offering is our chance to make an impact locally and globally. We call our operating budget the Ministry Plan. The Ministry Plan funds the programs, people, and building of Frisco First Baptist Church. It is how we can do ministry in Frisco. We aim to secure 25% of our regular operating budget this season over the next two months. However, if you can go above and beyond your usual giving, we offer the Christmas Offering as a meaningful option.

Is the Designated Missions Fund how we support missionaries?

We have ongoing support through our Ministry Plan. We designated $350,000 every year to support the missionaries here and around the world. These missionaries are making an impact in church planting, evangelism, and spreading the Gospel where the Lord has sent them.


From time to time, a missionary will have an unexpected need or one-time opportunity to expand the mission. The Designated Missions Fund goes to meet those needs. When we have funds available, we provide what is needed through our Missions Team. If no funds are available, we will continue to support the missionary, but the project or immediate need may go unmet. 1/3 of this year’s Christmas Offering is going toward our Designated Missions Fund.

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