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Goal Reached!

Every Christmas we raise a special offering that helps us invite people into relationship with Jesus and each other. And this year, it's all about the kids—both here at home, and around the world! AS of Sunday, January 8th, we've reached our goal of $245,000!

Globally, we will be funding three Compassion International Centers. These centers meet basic needs of children as well as share the gospel with them in Tanzania Africa, Togo, Africa, and the Philippines. 

Locally, we will be resurfacing our current playgrounds and creating a new playground outdoor for our youngest kids. As our church community grows it becomes even more important that our kids have safe and exciting areas to build relationships and have fun as they come to know Christ.

As we enter into a season of gratitude and giving, please prayerfully consider how your family will bless the next generation for His glory. 

Christmas Offering FAQ

What is wrong with the current playground? 

The pour-n-play we currently have was installed in 2008. It is cracking, drying out, and being pulled up by our little ones. It has also created a tripping hazard an no longer meets the standard of safety for our children. 

What will be done to the playground? 

We hope to add turf, similar to the courtyard, but especially designed for kids to play on. We also hope to add moveable shading and updated benches for moms and workers. In addition to these upgrades, we will create a new playground in front of the building for 6-24 month olds. This playground allows our youngest kids to be outside and a place built with their needs in mind.  

What about the master plan? 

Even if we decide to expand the worship center or remodel the entrance, we are still 2-3 years away from making that a reality. We need to resurface now for the 300 kids that use these facilities weekly. The playground has served us well for 14 years, longer than anyone would have predicted, but our hope is whatever we do now will serve us until we create a new place to invite kids into relationship with Jesus.  

What is a Compassion Center?  

Good question. Compassion centers are staging points within an impoverished community in a third world area to meet a variety of tangible needs within a community. These centers are always attached to a vetted, bible believing church to not only meet physical needs but spiritual as well. It is within these centers that Compassion can identify individual children who are good candidates for sponsorship. Here they receive education, medicine, food, clothing, bible study and a variety of other tangible needs. These centers are critical in helping Compassion continue the good work of taking children out of poverty and introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ.  

Where are we funding Compassion Centers? 

Our church has chosen to launch a new Compassion Center in Tanzania, Togo and the Philippines. We chose these locations in part because they are in particularly difficult locations making it harder for Compassion to meet needs in these areas. 

What is the Christmas Offering and what makes it different from our Ministry Plan? 

Our ministry plan is our general budget period our general budget helps us fund the day-to-day ministry and operations of Frisco First Baptist Church.  The Christmas offering is a once-a-year opportunity to do special projects. Our hope is that you will continue to support the ministry plan through regular giving and tithes. For those who want to give a special offering in addition to their on going support, we put forward the Christmas offering which allows us to make an impact locally and globally 

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