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Sojourners: This World Is Not Our Home

How do we honor Christ in a culture where following Jesus is not popular and comes with a cost? Peter writes to remind believers in his day and ours that facing challenges are part of being a disciple.  This short book is a much needed reminder that this is not our true home.

Sunday, April 7th: The Living Hope

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God the Father has given those who believe a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, April 14th: Stand Firm in Holiness

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God’s people are called to stand firm in holiness.

Sunday, April 21st: Growing in Holiness 

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All Christians are called to grow in holiness and live in community with other believers.

Sunday, April 28th: Enduring Faith

[PDF] or [WORD] 

Trust God in every circumstance.

Sunday, May 5th: Christ's Suffering Bought Our Victory 

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As Christ followers, any suffering we experience is temporary because Christ has secured our eternal victory over sin and death.

Sunday, May 12th: Love Demonstrated Through Service

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Our love for one another is demonstrated through faithfully serving one another with the unique gifting God has given us as members of the body of Christ.

Sunday, May 19th: Joyful Faith

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Choose joy even in life’s difficulties.

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