Bridge Training 2021

Faith for Exiles with Mark Matlock

Sunday, February 28th

Session 1 at 9:30 & 11am

Session 2 at 2pm

Session 3 Q&A at 3pm

Make sense of chaotic cultural changes and respond with   compassion to the next generation of believers

Recognize the biblical concept of exile as an essential framework for following Christ today

Discover five research-based practices that cultivate faithfulness in digital Babylon

Prepare young Christians to be on mission with Jesus in the world

Empower Jesus followers of all ages to thrive in our current exile


Shine: Bridge Training 2021


We are living in a culture that is consistently committed to not only rejecting Christ, but also to create new ways for our most vulnerable to stray from the truth. By grace we have the truth of God’s Word and relevant stories of our spiritual ancestors living in similar times. We are exiles, and we must learn to shine in exile, and teach our children to shine in exile by cultivating resilient faith in digital Babylon.


Meet Mark Matlock

Our speaker is Mark Matlock and he will be preaching that morning for Part 1, Part 2 and a Part 3 Q&A that afternoon. Mark is a facilitator of innovation and impact, helping churches adapt to changing times through turning research-based insights into action. He is the founder of WisdomWorks LLC, a consultancy helping churches and faith-based organizations leverage their collective wisdom and insight to innovate and adapt in changing times. Mark also works with Barna to assist clients with board training and on-site facilitation of research findings.


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