Sunday Morning Worship & Bible Study for All Ages at 9:30 & 11am


On November 1st we returned to a two-hour Sunday morning schedule! Nursery childcare, Preschool, FirstKids, Blue Student Ministry and Adult LIFEGroups meet in person at both hours; our online worship experience will remain the same.

Your Questions Answered...


Adult Worship & LIFEGroups Back on Campus at 9:30 &11am

We will have 9:30 & 11am worship for adults in the Worship Center. Our seating will reflect social distancing guidelines, and we’re asking all who attend to wear a mask (covering the nose and mouth) while indoors. Our goal is to provide an in-person experience while keeping everyone who attends as safe as possible.

Most of our LIFEGroups are meeting back on campus. You now have the option of participating either through Zoom or in-person at 9:30 & 11am.


Online Worship Is Here to Stay

We realize that many of you may not feel comfortable returning in-person right now, and we understand. You matter to us and we want you to stay connected! So much so, that we are investing in technology for our classrooms that will make it easier to see and hear those who attend LIFEGroup via Zoom. We are also investing in new equipment for our adult worship center to enhance adult worship both in-person and online, as online ministry is here to stay. Please know that there is a place here for you—whether you chose to join us online, back in-person, or a combination of the two.

Sunday Morning Service will be streamed live at 9:30 & 11am on Facebook, YouTube, and right here, on our website. Love us, like us, share us with friends; make a comment and let us know you’re watching! If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected].


"Blue" Student Ministry at 9:30 & 11am

Students enter the south building through on the west side, under the ‘big blue B’.  Our seating will reflect social distancing, and we’re asking all who attend to wear a mask (covering the nose and mouth) while indoors. Our goal is to provide an in-person experience while keeping everyone who attends as safe as possible. Student small groups will continue to meet online. If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected].

Middle School Worship at 9:30am | Small Groups at 11am

High School Worship at 11am | Small Groups at 9:30am


FirstKids Ministry at 9:30 & 11am

FirstKids Ministry is so excited to provide programming for Kindergarten-5th grade for both worship hours, 9:30 & 11am. Plan to check your child in at the south building lobby, then escort them to their classroom. Elementary children are asked to wear masks in hallways, public areas (like restroom), and while talking or playing with others. If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected].


Preschool Ministry & Nursery Care at 9:30 & 11am

Our Preschool Ministry has gone above and beyond regulations with the cleaning of our space and materials. We have designated a drop-off area, through the east door of the north building, labeled Preschool. We ask that only one parent enter with child(ren). A member of the Preschool Ministry Team will greet and assist you with a new touchless check-in system. Check your inbox for information about the new touchless system and possible new room assignment, as your child may have been promoted. Your child’s teacher will meet you in the hallway to escort your child to the classroom. All teachers and assistants will be wearing clear masks or shields so children can be greeted with a smile. Parents will be directed to the Worship Center down the hallway and through the north doors. Pick-up will be through same hallway. Parents are asked to maintain social distancing in the pick-up line. Classrooms are organized so that a parent picks up from youngest to oldest, moving down hallway toward the exit. If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected].



What Precautions are Being Taken for COVID-19?

Social Distancing & Wearing Masks
We ask that you wear masks when entering our buildings and while you are in our preschool, children, and student areas. Our facilities and our classrooms do not always allow for social distancing, especially in hallways—so navigating this takes all of us understanding that wearing masks when we cannot social distance helps us protect one another.

Please know we are committed to protecting your health and safety, and remain vigilant in taking every precaution possible. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility in these times. Our precautions include:

  • Increased Cleaning
    The Worship Center and high-traffic areas are thoroughly sanitized before, between, and after services. All of our buildings  are closed except the Worship Center.

  • Mask Stations
    Masks are available for those who may need one.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
    Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the entrances/exits of the Worship Center.

  • Social Distancing
    Attendees are asked to maintain social distancing guidelines as they are able before, during, and after services. For those who feel comfortable doing so, we ask that groups congregate outdoors, in the open air.

  • Touchless Environment
    No paper items/pens will be available and offering plates will not be passed.  All internal church doors will remain open and drinking fountains will be turned off. 


  • Restroom Capacity Management
    Restrooms will be cleaned and monitored regularly. Restroom capacity in the Worship Center will be limited to two at a time in each restroom area.


Parking & Arrival

All parking lots are open and available for the convenience of our people, please follow parking signs. Our golf carts will be available to assist you and your family with drop-off and pick-up.; if you have specific parking needs please e-mail [email protected].


How can I give my offering?

In order to provide a “touchless environment,” offering plates will not be passed. If you prefer to give by check or cash, drop-boxes are provided in the Worship Center lobby. Many of our people have discovered the convenience of online giving; go to Thank you for your continued financial support of the ministries of Frisco First!


If you have experienced any COVID-19-related symptoms in the last two weeks or have compromising health issues, please join us for online worship from the comfort of your home.


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