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Psalms of Summer takes us on a journey through “David’s Greatest Hits” as we celebrate a break in our routine with gratitude for what God has given us and hope in His promises for our future.  

Week 1 (7/2/23): Psalm 1:1–6

(PDF) The Two Ways
(WORD) The Two Ways

Those who follow the Lord delight in His Word.

Week 2 (7/9/23): Psalm 23:2–3 

(PDF) God Guides Your Steps
(WORD) God Guides Your Steps

As the Great Shepherd, God is actively guiding you.

Week 3 (7/16/23): Psalm 32:1–11  

(PDF) God's Mercy
(WORD) God's Mercy

Because God is merciful to us, we are to extend mercy to others.

Week 4 (7/23/23): Psalm 42 & 43  

(PDF) Longing for God
(WORD) Longing for God

God created within you a desire to know Him and to experience His presence and faithful love.

Week 5 (7/30/23): Psalm 103  

(PDF) Bless the Lord
(WORD) Bless the Lord

Part of our worship should involve remembering and reflecting on God’s faithful love.

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