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The Power of the Holy Spirit

Many times, the topic of the Holy Spirit has come up in this space. It is my fault as I still need to remind myself of the Holy Spirit’s work. On a pretty regular basis when asked “how are you doing” I respond, “still pushing the rock uphill.” It is a struggle but I will persevere. No quit here. No one should be impressed by this. I picked this up from Charles Stanley’s Intouch Ministries. Dr. Stanley provides an excellent reminder of the work of the Holy Spirit and how important He is in our daily lives:

No matter how hard we try to follow God in our own strength, we’ll succeed only when we surrender and depend fully on Him. Do you remember the book The Little Engine That Could? A small engine keeps repeating the words “I think I can. I think I can.” By using sheer willpower, she pulls an entire train over the mountain. That’s a nice children’s story, but the truth of the Christian life is very different. In the real world, our efforts and determination often fall short. Only by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit can we live a godly life.

In the Old Testament, God’s Spirit would temporarily come upon saints for a particular work. However, after Jesus ascended to heaven, He sent the Spirit to dwell within each believer (Luke 24:49). Consider what this means: If you’re a Christian, God is living inside you, available to help throughout life by providing guidance, comfort, and empowerment.

Obedience to Christ is impossible for anyone relying on his or her own strength. For some reason, though, Christians often try to live life by depending on themselves. Defeat and failure are unavoidable without divine power in our life.

Do you recognize your need for God? Begin each day confessing your dependence on Him. Ask to be filled with His Spirit so that all you think, do, and say will be an overflow from Him. Then trust Him to work in mighty ways through you.

Take A Look

Luke 24:44-49


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