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The Power of God

Power. Now there is a word that gets our attention. No definition required, just give it to me. We seek power in all areas of life, and without it we appear weak, but with it we are mighty. In scripture we see God’s power in action as He moves in the lives of the people. Perhaps we want things like that today. In his book Jesus Continued, J. D. Greear discusses God’s power today:

Monuments to God’s works are good when they serve as catalysts for continued faith. But when they become merely markers and memories, our admiration for them wearies God. He’s not just a God of the past; he’s a God mighty for his people in the present. His name not “I was,” but “I am.” “seek me now,” he says, “and live.” Charles Spurgeon said,

We do our Lord an injustice when we suppose that he wrought all his mighty acts, and showed himself strong for those in early time, but doth not perform wonders or lay bare his arm for the saints who are now upon the earth.

So, when you think about great outpourings of the power of God, what’s the first place you think about? Do you look backward or forward? I think God might say to a lot of us, “Do not look for my power on the Damascus Road, in the Philippian jail, in the halls of Wittenberg, in the pulpits of Puritans, or in the stadiums of Billy Graham. Seek me now and live!”

Jesus salvation has not fully reached our world. Maybe it hasn’t reached your family. Or friends. These are the “greater” works he’s ready to use you to accomplish.


What are the “greater” works that you can accomplish?


God would reveal these things to you.

Take a look

2 Kings 18:4

Psalm 78:60

Matthew 6:33


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