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Pass It On

Selling. Convincing some else to buy a product or service because it will provide a benefit. I believe that everything is selling. This is business and it is how things operate. In life whether you are asking for a date, for a woman to marry you or trying to convince your children not to use a permanent Sharpie to color the family pet. Everyone is in sales. Where do we get the skills to be good in sales? From teachers that mentor and train us. How does this work in God’s Kingdom? From his book Life Promises for Leaders, Zig Ziglar discusses some early viral marketing:

We may think we invented viral marketing, but Paul used it almost two millennia ago. Viral marketing occurs when a product or service generates enough enthusiasm to cause people to tell their friends and business associates about the product or service. The life-changing truth about Christ works in the same way.

Paul invested tremendous resources in Timothy. In every kind of circumstance, Paul taught and modeled the truth for Timothy. He told Timothy to pass along everything he had learned, but not just to anybody. He carefully instructed Timothy to select “faithful men” who have the heart and the skills to teach others. These men would then do the same thing, selecting great leaders and imparting God’s truth to them, and they’d do the same with people they selected.

Throughout the world, people who become believers are won because men and women have caught the “virus” from faithful, skilled, passionate men and women who were “infected” by others. Today, most of us can look back at a generation or two of faithful people, who like Paul and Timothy, were part of the viral marketing of the Christian faith.



Why is it important to select people to invest our time in?

How are you doing in imparting the faith to faithful people?

Take A Look

1 Timothy 2:2

Ephesians 4:29

1 Timothy 4:16


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