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Leaders are Learners​

About the time I again believe my climb to the very peak of knowledge is complete, I proceed into a steep decline. We’ve heard the cliché “the ups and downs of life” over and over and wonder why it is so. When we stop learning and believe we have it all figured out…

Zig Ziglar explains it beautifully in this excerpt from his book Life Promises for Leaders:

​One of the most attractive traits of a powerful leader is getting excited about learning a new skill or gaining fresh insights. Conversely, one of the most discouraging characteristics of some leadership is a know-it-all mentality that walls them off from new ideas. Leaders who love to learn add enthusiasm and creativity to every meeting and every relationship, and they are great examples to others in the organization.

Spiritual life, like all aspects of life and leadership, requires a rigorous commitment to learning and growing. When we stop growing, our momentum quickly fades. The Christian life is often called a walk. A slow steady, consistent pursuit of God and His will characterizes our lives. And, like the roots of a tree, we reach down deep into the truth and grace of God to find nourishment. Soaking up sustenance never stops, and even in times of drought, we find sources of strength if we’ve gone deep enough. And finally, like a sturdy building, each choice we make when we honor God is a block in the structure of our spiritual experience. We grow stronger with each God-honoring-decision.



What happens to us when we stop learning?

What are you doing right now to keep walking, going deeper, and growing stronger?

Take a look

Jeremiah 3:15

Proverbs 19:20

Proverbs 8:10


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