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Jesus Never Changes

We are surrounded by rapid change, and many things that were reliable have become questionable at best. Think about the reporting of the news. The same story presented by one source may be reported differently by another. Who is accurate? Who is right? What do I really need to know? Then the argument begins. We are told it is about perspective and differing points of view. Opinions. That’s fine, but how about being consistent and just report the facts? We have known it all along, but Billy Graham provides an excellent reminder of what is fact and the only thing that is constant. This is excerpted from

The Bible says, “It is appointed unto men once to die,” and to the average person this seems a stark and hopeless situation. Hundreds of philosophies and scores of religions have been invented to circumvent the Word of God. Modern philosophers and psychologists are still trying to make it appear that there is some way out other than the path of Jesus. But people have tried them all, and none of them leads anywhere but down. Christ came to give us the answers to the three enduring problems of sin, sorrow, and death. It is Jesus Christ, and He alone, who is also enduring and unchanging, “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” All other things may change, but Christ remains unchangeable.

In the restless sea of human passions Christ stands steadfast and calm, ready to welcome all who will turn to Him and accept the blessings of safety and peace. For we are living in an age of grace, in which God promises that “whosoever will” may come and receive His Son. But this period of grace will not go on indefinitely. We are even now living on borrowed time.

Take A Look

Hebrews 13:8

Pray Jesus, even if loved ones, friends, acquaintances change, You are always the same. Thank You for Your unchanging love.


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