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Is God even listening to me?

Does this sound familiar? “I know what is best for me. Don’t I? Look at the great job I am doing navigating my own life.” It seems I have an “I” problem. It is all about me. But, when we take a look at our lives, maybe it isn’t all we imagined it to be. Life is complicated. We hear all the time how messy things are in the world. We see it with our own eyes, and it is hard to admit we need help.

In an earlier post we looked at the question “Why does God not answer our prayers?” Due to the importance of this topic, we should continue to seek wisdom. In an excerpt from his book Max on Life, Max Lucado provides a straight forward response:

Here is what you need to know. God knows more about life than we do.

When my oldest daughter was about six years old, she and I were having a discussion about my work. It seems she wasn’t too happy with my chosen profession. She wanted me to leave the ministry. “I like you as a preacher,” she explained. “I just really wish you sold snow cones.”

An honest request from a pure heart. It made sense to her that the happiest people in the world were the men who drove the snow-cone trucks. You play music. You sell goodies. You make kids happy. What more could you want? (Come to think about it, she may have a good point. I could get a loan, buy a truck, and … nah, I’d eat too much.) I heard her request but didn’t heed it. Why? Because I knew better. I know what I’m called to do. The fact is I knew more about life than she did. Same with God.

God hears our requests. But his answer is not always what we would like it to be. Why? Because God knows more about life than we do.

Next time you’re disappointed, don’t panic. Just be patient. Talk to God about your challenges. Then let your heavenly Father remind you he’s still in control.

Take a look

Psalm 66:19

Proverbs 15:8

Colossians 4:2


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