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Enjoying God

God is a fortress. I understand that. When we are under attack or find ourselves in trouble needing protection and help, we run to the fortress. God is strong and powerful, and we see examples throughout scripture. But scripture also says God is a fountain. I have some questions about what that means. In the book God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life Tim Keller discusses why both should be understood and their importance in everyday life:

God is both a fortress and a fountain, because “evil not only attacks but attracts us.” We are tempted to lie, be ruthless, and trample on others-for fear that if we are too virtuous, we will be passed in the competition of life. But we are also tempted to greed, lust gluttony-for fear that if we are too virtuous, we will miss out on much joy and pleasure. This means we must not simply know how to trust in God as a fortress. We must also learn to delight in him, enjoying his presence and love as a fountain. Some kinds of Christianity put emphasis on the will and life actions, other kinds on emotions, worship, and praise. The Bible never, emphasizes one over the other or pits them against each other.

When others, including our children, see us trusting God and not melting down before the problems of life-and when they see us actually delighting in God rather than merely being dutiful-that may be a refuge for them. It may attract them to a relationship with him.



When people who know you well watch you under pressure, what do they see?

Take A Look

Proverbs 14:26-27


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