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Women's Ministry: Showers of Blessings

LifeTalk in Frisco is a pregnancy resource center that helps counsel women who are pregnant and unsure of the life ahead of them. After a mom decides to keep the baby and gets close to delivery, Frisco First women’s ministry hosts a shower of blessings for her. Women from the church attend the shower, providing lunch and gifts for the mom. Our goal is to make sure this mom is not alone after making such a brave choice. The soon-to-be momma usually walks away with a car full of diapers, clothes, and necessities such as a baby bed and car seat. However, the greatest gift she receives is knowing that there is a spiritual family who supports and loves her with the grace of Jesus.


Men's Ministry

Keeping Men Connected

In February 2020 we hosted a wild game night. 226 attendees, including 60 father/son pairs, enjoyed axe throwing, cornhole, and games. This launched the creation of a weekly distribution of devotionals. These have been well received, and currently 215 men are invited to sign up for the devotionals. The trailing use of these helped grow and maintain the ministry during Covid.

Boomers Ministry

At Their Best When Serving

Those between 55 and 78 years old, whom we affectionately call Boomers, are at their best when serving. When a young mom lost her husband and was left with three little kids to raise, not only did they help with the food train, but they also went the extra mile. When dropping off meals they saw that the back fence needed repair and the house needed painting. They SHOWED UP to paint the house and replace the fence. All they needed was an address and a need to meet in Christ’s name.


Sharing the Gospel

Developing Our Spheres of Influence

We launched our Gospel Ministry in January 2022. And it has been a great semester. We had five classes with 30 people total attending developing sphere of influence. These people learned how to reach their lost friends and neighbors, resulting in 150 people being pursued weekly. One participant shared the gospel with his boss. some of our young adults shared their faith with co-workers, another couple shared the gospel with their neighbors and invited them to church. Our home visitation team goes out on Sunday afternoons knocking on doors and each week we have at least one opportunity to share the gospel and several invitations to church. The fruit is evident, 92 people baptized in 2021 and 28 baptized so far in 2022.

FirstKids: Camp C.H.A.O.S.

Blake Brigance began attending Camp CHAOS when he was in kindergarten. He loved coming to camp, meeting other campers, and making friends. The activities at First Kids were perfect for someone as active and energetic as Blake. He loved attending and spent five weeks every summer at Frisco First. His family decided to try the church on Sunday mornings and began attending together. Blake is now an active part of student ministry and can’t wait to be a camp counselor himself when he is old enough!


The FirstKids Ministry

In FirstKids, we are passionate about sharing the gospel with children and their families. We know the best way to reach children is through meeting their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental needs. We provide activities for families (Fall Festival, Pizza Parties), opportunities for children to make friends and develop relationships (Sunday morning small groups, Lock-in, Camps, Listening sessions), parenting enrichment seminars (Parenting Q&As), study based in Biblical truth (Sunday morning, Wednesday nights, VBS), and outreach to our community (Fall Festival, Upward, Camps, VBS). Frisco First provides unique opportunities to families and children not available through other avenues in the community – we want to see children come to love their Savior in such a way they will impact their city for the good both in the present and future.


Student Ministry

On Mission
It is one of our goals for every high school student to travel and participate in a short-term mission trip where they will see poverty and need. In the summer of 2021, student ministry took 37 students to Twin Branch, West Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our students partnered with a 30-member congregation to encourage and strengthen the church. Students led a full week VBS for 30 kids in the community as well as performed some light construction and painting. In the neighboring city of Welch, students painted the city parking garage, cleaned out old downtown buildings to be used for a food and clothing ministry, and did demolition on a building which will be used for a future church plant. Our students made a huge impact in one of the poorest counties in our nation. Three children professed Christ at VBS and we know that many seeds were planted because of their work. At Blue’s summer camp, students raised over $2,500 to help the church reach needy kids in the community. Blue is proud to continue our partnership this summer and will be taking 65 students back to West Virginia. It is through partnering and commitment that we continue to make a difference in this small part of the world.

College & Young Adults

At Home on Main Street

Starting in September 2021, college students moved into one of the houses for Sunday morning LIFEGroup, Thursday evening discipleship groups, as well as the Christmas party, game nights and weekly fellowships. The college ministry had over 50 students at its Christmas party in December with over 15 being first time guests. The house was a huge blessing at the college ministry had run out of space in their previous location in student ministry. In early 2022, our young adult ministry began using this space for Sunday LIFEGroup and fellowship as well. This house is being used for weekly ministry and is key to growing our college and young adult ministries. As we invite college and young adults into relationships, they connect with Jesus and each other.


Connection Ministry

Lunch is On Us!

We began hosting a regular 'Newcomer's Lunch' in April 2021 and have had 188 visitors in attendance. This event has been a valuable opportunity to allow visitors to tour the campus and spend time visiting with ministers and life group leaders. It continues to be successful in encouraging the attendees to get more involved at Frisco First as half of them have made their way into LIFEGroups.

Training Disciples

Beyond Sunday Morning

Frisco First has hosted two successful training sessions, equipping participants and inviting people into relationship with Jesus. In the Fall of 2021, Daniel Henderson taught on the Holy Spirit. Daniel is a gifted speaker and author who provided great insight into the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. Richard Ross presented at our Connecting with Your Teen conference in February 2022. Parents and teens attended a lunch and session on Sunday afternoon where Dr. Ross guided them through a process to connect and deepen their relationship. One family mentioned afterward that they purchased a PVC pipe, an item Dr. Ross used as a visual aid, to place on their mantel as a reminder of the importance of staying connected with their son.



In the summer of 2021, our older adults were faced with a need. A young missionary family was asked to leave their dangerous location. They arrived in Frisco with their two children, and we took them in. Their apartment was fully stocked by Frisco First with food, pots and pans, toys for the kids, bedding and more. For the six months they lived in Frisco, they were able to focus on recovering without incurring any expenses thanks to Frisco First.

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