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One more thing...

We'd love for you to try LIFEGroups!

Pick one below to start and try as many as you want. 

Want some help picking a group?


LIFEGroups @Home

Starting January 17th
Wednesdays at 6:30pm 


Our new LIFEGroups@Home group will meet on Wednesday nights so that group members can utilize Wednesday night programming for their kids. Whether you're looking for a more casual environment, a new way to balance your Sunday morning schedule or just want to give it a try, we'd love you to join us! Use the form to sign-up and we'll contact you with location information.


The Hamilton Group
11am | Admin, 306

We're going beyond ‘age’ and ‘stage’ to invite people into relationships from different generations, perspectives, and even social needs into a growing group. Our vision is to combine young adults, married, single, and older adults into a cohesive community that loves the Lord and loves to live life with people in different phases of life.


Young Adults & Singles

The McDonald Group College Students 9:30am | Paradigm House The Nuspel Group Young Adult Singles 11am | Paradigm House The Lindig Group Nearly & Newlywed 11am | Paradigm House The Williams Group Women 11am | Admin, 307 The Henry Group Young Families 11am | Admin, 304


Young Families

The Adams Group Parents of Preschoolers 11am | Adult, 509 The Dutchik Group Parents of Preschoolers 9:30am | Adult, 512 The Applegate Group Parents of Elementary 9:30am | Adult, 508 The Page Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 505 The Alford Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 510 The Hays Group Parents of Elementary 11am | Adult, 504


Parents of Teens & College

The Yocum Group Parents of Teens & College Students 9:30am | Adult, 511 The Davis Group Parents of Middle School 11am | Adult, 508 The Nelson Group Parents of Teens 11am | Adult 512 The Pickerill Group   Parents of College Students 9:30am | Adult, 504 The Graham Group Parents of Teens 9:30am | Adult, 510 The Hobbs Group Parents of Teens 11am | Adult, 513 The Snedaker Group Parents of Middle Schoolers 11am | Adult, 515 The Harmon Group Parents of College 9:30am | Adult, 506 The MacDonald Group Parents of College 11am | Admin, 303 The Wright Group Parents of College 11am | Adult, 507 The Altman Group Parents of Middle Schoolers 11am | Adult, 502


Empty Nesters & 55+ Adults

The Bailey Group  Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Admin, 305 The Green Group Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Adult, 506 The Johnson Group Parents w/Empty Nest 11am | Adult, 511 The C. Taylor Group Parents w/Empty Nest 9:30am | Adult, 502 The Kendrick Group Boomers (1) 11am | Adult, 503 The Kriegel Group Boomers (Too) 9:30am | Adult, 509 The Thompson Group Boomers (3) 9:30am | Adult, 503 The Newman Group Boomers (4) 9:30am | Adult, 505


Senior Adults

The Bledsoe Group (Men) United Brethren 8:15am | Adult, 503 The Rush Group (Co-Ed) Cornerstone 8:15am | Adult, 504 The Ellis Group (Co-Ed) Friends in Faith 8:15am | Adult, 502 The Hess Group (Women) LLL Class 8:15am | Adult, 508 The Byers Group (Women) WOW 11am | Adult, 514

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