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“If it is the Lord’s Will” Should be the Tagline in All Our Planning......

One of our favorite vacation spots is Gulf Shores Alabama. Don’t knock it if you haven’t experienced the white sand beach, rolling sand dunes dotted with sea oats, and the clear, blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the features that this stretch of beach is unfortunately also known for, is a strong undertow, or undercurrent. So when you go, it is helpful to look out for the flags indicating the level of undertow, to see whether or not it is safe to swim.

It feels like we are living with an undercurrent of unpredictability these days. The yellow, or even red, caution flag seems ever present. As a result, we have been forced to hold our plans loosely. This is not easy for many of us to do. I am reminded of the warning from James 4:13-16.

This passage is not telling us to stop planning, but to plan with a sense of humility and gratitude that sees life as both a gift and a stewardship. “If it is the Lord’s will” should be the tagline to all our plans, especially these days. It is with gratitude and humility, realizing that God is in control and we are not—that we have put together a projected Ministry Plan for  2020–21.

We see Covid-19, not as a set-back, but as an opportunity for us to accelerate the development of a ministry for the future. Our Finance Ministry Team has helped us develop a Proposed Ministry Plan (budget) for 2020–2021 which is financially conservative, but also allows us to invest in the further development of our online ministry. We believe that online ministry is here to stay, and provides an excellent tool for both outreach and discipleship. With the support of our Personnel Ministry Team, we are shifting staff responsibilities and creating new positions to further develop this essential ministry.

While we all miss being together in person and look forward to our being able to do so safely, we are not wringing our hands. There is much work to be done in “building bridges every day that invite people in real relationships with Jesus and each other.” Even if these bridges are virtual. As a staff team, we are “rolling up our sleeves” so to speak and working on creative ways to share Jesus in these crazy times.

Please know that I am grateful for you; your generosity and faithfulness is wonderful. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve this church during these crazy days… but believing the best is yet to come!

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Chuck

“We see Covid-19, not as a set-back, but as an opportunity for us to accelerate the development of a ministry for the future.”



Finishing Well 2019-2020

At Frisco First, we refer to our church budget as a Ministry Plan; we believe this better communicates the purpose of our budget—each line item we have in our financial plan is there to support a ministry of our church.  

The Ministry Plan 2019‒2020 has been unique, the last quarter was essentially completed, with our people sheltering in place and no on-campus activity conducted through the month of June. However, we completed our financial year strong, even though we did not reach our Ministry Plan goal of $4,344,000.  

THE CARES ACT (Payroll Protection Program)
At the beginning of the pandemic, Congress passed the CARES ACT Payroll Protection Program, designed to help business and nonprofits, including churches, meet the financial needs of her personnel. The PPP was not a loan—it was essentially a grant—if certain criteria was met. Frisco First applied for PPP through our Bank and monies were received April 15th.  These monies allowed us to continue to pay all our employees—including hourly-wage earners, and Sonshine School & Academy teachers scheduled through the end of June. The monies received were not included in our regular tithes and offerings, but accounted for separately.  Please note, the monies received do not change our tax status as a church. These monies did allow us to complete our fiscal year in the black!




Rooted to Grow is our three year Capital Campaign (Building Fund) that was launched in October 2018. Frisco First pledged $7,080,000 to be given from October 2018–October 2021.



Building Project Put on Pause

Our architects, Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, completed the construction drawings and bids were submitted to construction companies. CORE Construction company was selected, negotiations were wrapping up, and a date was set to present the information to the church for vote, when the pandemic hit. We had anticipated groundbreaking in June.

Our building project has been paused as we navigate Covid-19, and determine how the pandemic has impacted our church and community before we take our next step.

God is in control and we look forward to moving forward with our expansion plans in his timing. Thank you for your continued financial support of our capital campaign. We will continue to update you as our Ministry Teams meet and discuss opportunities post COVID-19.




Our Proposed Ministry Plan 202021

Our Proposed Ministry Plan 2020–21 is $3,915,000, which is 10% less than the previous year. Two primary reasons for this reduction: first, we did not reach the 2019–20 goal of $4,344,000 (approximately $200,000 short), and second, our desire to be fiscally conservative in light of current uncertainty.



Stewarding Our Ministry Plan

Each month, we have a financial goal to reach. If we reach our goal every month by the end of twelve months, we will have met our Ministry Plan Goal. We have proposed to our Finance Ministry Team that if we do not reach our monthly financial goal for any month, this will trigger action—the first (always what we have practiced regularly)—trust the Lord and tell the people! After that, each month following the first month of not meeting anticipated receipts will trigger action to further reduce our Ministry Plan 2020-21, at 60, 90 and 120 days. We believe that we have a Ministry Plan that will allow every Ministry to fully recover its services and activities, while also allowing us to grow online opportunities.


Benevolence Fund

Our church cares for the physical needs of our church family and community. We have a fund that enables our church to respond as we become aware of these needs. If you know of someone in our church that has a current financial crisis because of loss of job etc, we are here to help.  Click here for more information, or e-mail [email protected].


Thank You to Our Ministry Teams

Our Ministry Plan for our current year was presented to the Finance Ministry Team and our Personnel Ministry Team in June and approved. Due to the pandemic and the suspension of on-campus worship services and activities, we were unable to follow our traditional process of presenting the Proposed Ministry Plan to the church for discussion and vote. We trust that this method of communication will help answer questions you may have about our church’s financial plan for 2020‒21.

Thank you to the following Finance Ministry Team members: Starla Taylor, Chris Todd, Jayson Gilliam, Randy Barnett, and Matthew Dann; and our Personnel Ministry Team members: Tonya Bradford, Jeff Griffiths, Greg Carter, Russell Goin, Ryan Zarfoss, Sean Slattery and Scott Thornton.

If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected].


Online Giving

Join the growing number of people who have discovered the convenience of online giving! Over 85% of our families are using this method. Online giving is safe, secure and 100% free.

Visit the link below and follow the prompts. First time users will be asked to create an account.


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