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Hey, we noticed you haven't joined Frisco First yet. Maybe you're asking yourself, "Why should I be a member?"

Here are three reasons:
You should be a member for yourself, for others, and to glorify God. 


For YOU...


When you become a member, you recognize the investment made in you through Frisco First Baptist Church, and you are now placing your hand in the middle, saying, "I want to invest here. I am committed to being here and being part of what God is doing." Membership says, "You can count on me!"

Membership will also help you grow closer to the Lord and other people. Our membership process is all about opening up the Bible with different people and discussing the major points of Christianity. God will always use His Word to drive us closer to Him, and as we rub up against other people, we will begin to become the person God wants us to be.

Membership also gives you a voice. Every year, we gather to discuss Frisco First Baptist Church's mission, budget, and deacon leadership. With your commitment to Frisco First, you now have a platform to speak into those areas and many more.




God has made you with unique experiences, personalities, and spiritual gifts. WE NEED YOU. We need you to use your gifts to help others grow, to help do what Christ has called us to do in Frisco, and to build up what God has established: the CHURCH. 

When we combine and collaborate our efforts, we can best advance the kingdom of God. We can carry our burdens, encourage each other, and significantly impact each other.




You were created for commitment, family, and living together. God has designed each of us to live together.


When we become members, we glorify God by living out who we are.

So, are you ready?!

We're so glad you're a part of our church family.  We look forward to welcoming you as an official member of Frisco First Church. If you're ready for membership, sign-up for the next
Membership Workshop! 

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