Jacob epitomizes the struggle we all have for acceptance, love, and identity. His story is one of both failure and heartache and change and hope. The fact that his story encompasses much of the book of Genesis tells us something of its timeless nature and importance.

As Pastor Chuck takes us on this journey through the life of Jacob, we've provided lessons for each week for you to dive deeper into scripture. These lessons can be utilized as an individual or in a small group.

Week 1 (2/6/22): Genesis 25:19-28

Lesson 1 | The Struggle for Identity
Jacob and Esau demonstrate different pictures of masculinity.  Jacob and Esau demonstrate different images of masculinity and two very different experiences of parental attachment. Both Isaac and Rebecca practiced favoritism and sowed the seeds of distrust—the dysfunction ends up costing everyone.

Week 2 (2/13/22): Genesis 25:29-34

Lesson 2 | A Destiny Forfeited
The Power of parental blessing and approval. The five elements of parenting blessing (John Trent, The Blessing.)  1. Meaningful and appropriate touch 2. Spoken words of affirmation. 3. Attaching value to the one blessed. 4. Picturing a positive future. 5. An active commitment.

Week 3 (2/20/22): Psalm 22:30-31

Lesson 3 | Believing is Seeing
You can parent, or influence, others with confidence.

Week 4 (2/27/22): Genesis 27:41-28:15

Lesson 4 | Kindness in the Lives of Jacob, Esau & Isaac
Bargaining with God in a crisis. Jacob runs away and finds himself encountering God during a sleepless night. Jacob’s dream at Bethel. (Gen 27:41- 28:15) Jacob’s response reveals his limited understanding of God and his overarching desire for control.

Week 5 (3/6/22): Genesis 29:1-35

Lesson 5 | Jacob & Rachel
The struggle for love. Genesis tells the story of Jacob falling for Rachel and being tricked into marrying Leah as well. The two sisters compete for the attention and affection of the same man. Leah ultimately finds her acceptance in God.

Week 6 (3/13/22): Genesis 29:15-31:55

Lesson 6 | Jacob & Laban
Keeping your head up when work has you down. (Gen 30-31) Succeeding in a difficult work environment. Jacob is taken advantage of by Laban—yet God blesses him anyway.

Week 7 (3/20/22): Genesis 33:22-32

Lesson 7 | Jacob Wrestles
God challenges our deepest strengths and deepest satisfactions to display His grace through us.

Week 8 (3/27/22): Genesis 32:12-33:11

Lesson 8 | Forgiveness & Restoration
Reconciliation. Jacob faces his past and reconciles with Esau, yet Reconciliation does not necessarily mean restoration. In reconciling, Jacob places appropriate boundaries in his relationship with Esau. Restoration with God leads to restoration with others.

Week 9 (4/3/22): Genesis 35

Lesson 9 | Breaking Free from Sin
God’s power plus your decision to break free from bondage brings freedom and transformation.

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