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I Am (Jesus in His Own Words)

This Easter season, we’ll unpack the seven “I Am” statements that Jesus makes in the Gospel of John to see how each declaration illustrates a specific revelation of His character, testifies to His divinity, and reveals how Jesus perfectly meets our spiritual needs.

Sunday, February 25th: I Am the Bread of Life

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Only Jesus truly fulfills our desire for meaning and purpose.

Sunday, March 3rd: I Am the Light of the World

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Believers, as individuals and as a church, are called to be witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 10th: The Good Shepherd 

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Jesus is the only way to salvation, and He loves and cares for His church.

Sunday, March 17th: Abide in Christ 

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A disciple walks with Christ by abiding in Him.

Sunday, March 24th: Jesus is the Only Way 

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If we truly believe Jesus is the only way to God, we will live out a life proclaiming the gospel.

Sunday, March 31st: The Death & Resurrection of Lazarus

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Jesus alone has the power over life and death.

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