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It's not easy to live a godly life in an increasingly godless society. An Old Testament hero named Daniel shows us that it can be done. He not only survived, but thrived, and impacted and entire empire while he was at it. 

Week 1 (5/21/23): Daniel 1:1–21

(PDF) Boldly Faithful
(WORD) Boldly Faithful

When immersed in a culture that contradicted God’s commands, Daniel exhibited bold faithfulness.

Week 2 (5/28/23/23): Daniel 3:1–30 

(PDF) Scared
(WORD) Scared

God promises to walk with us through the fire and storms of life.

Week 3 (6/4/23): Hebrews 11:32–12:3  

(PDF) Persevering In Faith
(WORD) Persevering In Faith

The Christian life requires us to persevere through faith in difficult circumstances.

Week 4 (6/11/23): Daniel 4:19–37  

(PDF) Nebuchadnezzar’s Second Dream
(WORD) Nebuchadnezzar’s Second Dream

Our love for others extends beyond their foolish choices.

Week 5 (6/18/23): Daniel 5:1–31  

(PDF) The Judgment & Grace of God
(WORD) The Judgment & Grace of God

Anyone can humble themselves and be accepted by the Lord.

Week 6 (6/25/23): Daniel 6:1–28  

(PDF) Daniel: Persistently Obedient
(WORD) Daniel: Persistently Obedient

When surrounded by corrupt people who longed to corrupt him also, Daniel continued to persistently obey God.

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