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We walk in each other's shoes.
1 Corinthians 10:23-24

Find the Help You Need...

We would be honored to pray for and alongside you. You can submit a request online, text or send an e-mail.

If you’ve been affected by COVID-19 and are in need of food, essential items, financial assistance, and more, see a list of local resources available to you.

If you are a member of Frisco First in need of emergency financial assistance, submit an application for benevolence.

Celebrate Recovery is a ministry offering a Christian approach to eliminating ‘hurts, habits, and hang-ups’. If you're looking for calm in the storm, connect with us today.

Pastoral Care includes preparations for funerals, hospital visits and check-ins, prayer needs, and counseling.


Jesus Is Better
A Study on the Book of Hebrews


The book of Hebrews was written to people whose faith in Jesus was lagging. Many of them were facing hardship and persecution and were tempted to quit following Jesus. Many of us struggle with some of the same problems and find it harder and harder to live a life of faith. Hebrews has a message for all of us: Don’t give up! Living for and with Jesus is better than any alternative.


RightNow Media



Right Now is the perfect time to check out RightNow Media! If you haven’t ever tried it, or haven’t checked it out in a long time—visit today. There’s fresh content for adults, teens, and kids uploaded weekly. You’ll find Bible studies and more listed by topic or teacher. It’s basically the ‘Netflix’ of Bible study resources


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