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LIFEGroups can choose from two different studies for the four weeks in August. See below...


Discover what happy couples do to care for their marriage in this study, taken from both Old and New Testament scripture. This study is part of Frisco First ‘Marriage Month’ which will focus on the value of God’s design for marriage through teaching, events, and opportunities to connect.

Week 1: August 7, 2022
Don’t let false expectations distract you from God’s dream for your marriage.

(Download PDF) Marriage Expectations
(Download WORD) Marriage Expectations

Week 2: August 14, 2022
Communication that flows from love happens when the Word of God takes root in your heart.

(Download PDF) Communication in Marriage

(Download WORD) Communication in Marriage

Week 3: August 21, 2022
A healthy, Christ-centered marriage reflects the gospel to the world.

(Download PDF) Christ-centered Marriage

(Download WORD) Christ-centered Marriage

Week 4: August 28, 2022
The marriage relationship symbolizes Jesus’ commitment to and love for His church.

(Download PDF) Traits of a Spiritually Fruitful Marriage
(Download WORD) Traits of a Spiritually Fruitful Marriage



This study highlights the story of God's plan as revealed in the Bible, from the creation of the world to it's final restoration. 

Week 1: August 7, 2022
The all-powerful God merely spoke and brought the universe into existence.

(Download PDF) The Story of Creation
(Download WORD) The Story of Creation

Week 2: August 14, 2022
The consequences of sin are death, and separation between God and humanity.

(Download PDF) The Story of Separation

(Download WORD) The Story of Separation

Week 3: August 21, 2022
It is through receiving the free and undeserved gift of grace in Christ that people are justified and redeemed.

(Download PDF) The Story of Redemption

(Download WORD) The Story of Redemption

Week 4: August 28, 2022
God is directing history to a specific and glorious end.

(Download PDF) The Story of Restoration
(Download WORD) The Story of Restoration


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