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Inspired by Ephesians 3:17–18, we're driven by the profound love of Christ to extend His family to all. We aim to cultivate a community deeply rooted in Christ's love, where everyone finds belonging, becomes more like Jesus, and benefits others. Just as we've been adopted into His love, we extend that invitation to all to be a member of His family.


DNow Student Weekend


Fall Festival

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Volunteer Appreciation Night

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Baptism & Pizza Party


Through our ministry programming, we want to create welcoming environments where more people belong and become like Jesus. By teaching the Bible, we help others grow, and help them realize we are not growing for our own benefit, but for blessing Frisco. As we reach more people, we will see them help others find a place to belong.


To achieve this vision, we're proposing a 4% budget increase, prioritizing ministry initiatives over operational expenses. With your support, we'll expand our reach, inviting more people into a relationship with Jesus and each other.


Frisco First Baptist Church is a church on mission to invite people into relationship with Jesus and each other. Through providing Gospel centered worship services, LIFEGroups for all ages, and opportunities to serve in your area of giftedness, we believe Jesus will use us to reach Frisco for Him.


But we can't do it without your help...


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Student Lead Backyard Bible Club

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Summer Lunch Program

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Legacy Christmas Banquet


Women's  Bible Journaling Workshop



Blue students are equipped to lead Bible study and lead someone to faith in Christ. Our students love to serve and love to use their gifts and talents to share the Gospel!


On Saturday, March 23rd, 89 students attended Serve Day to partner with Mission Arlington, a ministry that serves the city of Arlington through offering Bible study to local apartment neighborhoods as well as providing clothing, food, furniture, and medical needs. Our students divided up into four groups and knocked on doors, inviting children and teens to play games and participate in a 'backyard Bible club'. Two children, ages 7 and 9, professed Jesus as Lord and Savior at one of these outreaches. Praise God for our vibrant Student Ministry!


The Summer Lunch Program

For many years now, we have served the Frisco First neighborhood through our partnership with the Frisco Family Services Summer Lunch Program. Frisco First volunteers pack and distribute sack lunches to over 100 kids a day for one week in the summer. This outreach has fostered relationships with the recipient families and we've followed up with an end of summer celebration that expands our opportunity to share the gospel and invite them to Frisco First.


Training Disciple Makers

In the past three years, 85 adults participated in disciple-making training through our Gospel Ministry and 10-for-10 Bible study. These individuals are equipped and motivated to invite friends to church, share the gospel with neighbors and co-workers, and now training other church members to do the same. One family in particular, Aaron & Laura Worley, invited multiple neighbors that attended. They continue to be open to the gospel and we are waiting for the day when they come to Christ. 


Working Hard in West Virginia 

61 high school students traveled to to share Jesus in the poorest county in the United States, Welch, West Virginia. Some of our students provided a week-long VBS for a church in Twin Branch, West Virginia, while other students opted to do some city revitalization work in Welch. Eight kids professed Jesus at VBS! Our students cleaned, painted, and installed flooring in several buildings so that a church could be established. Students continued their partnership with believers in Welch by raising funds for a new pregnancy resource center.  


Random Acts of Kindness

The last two summers we have done our free gas event with our Acts of Kindness Serve Team led by Matthew Dann. We have showed up at Racetrac and filled up tanks for 3 hours on every Saturday in June and invited our neighbors to a summer outreach event at church. This has been a great success and we have seen guests on Sunday morning from these interactions.



The Legacy Ministry of Frisco First welcomed over 180 Seniors to enjoy a wonderful night celebrating an Old Fashioned Christmas with singing, entertainment by our own Student Minister, Chris Hurt (including a hilarious Elvis Presley impression), a delicious meal and even a visit from Old Saint Nick and Mrs. Claus.

The event drew interest from many friends and family of our members, making it a perfect opportunity to share the love of Jesus at the most wonderful time of the year, as well as the largest Senior Adult Christmas Banquet in recent history!

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